Project Adder

Addiction, Diversion, Disruption, Enforcement and Recovery

Project ADDER is a national programme funded via the Home Office. The name stands for Addiction, Diversion, Disruption, Enforcement and Recovery, each being a priority for the project, bringing additional investment resources into the prevention of drug related crime and a reduction in associated harm.

We have been successful in attracting funding to develop a range of initiatives that focus on diversion and recovery. The following services have been established and developed with the help of ADDER:

An early triage and intervention service – Increased capacity through Dyfodol service to complete early triage, allowing us to focus on providing early intervention support – prevention is always better than cure.

A Mental Health Treatment Requirement (‘MHTR’) pilot – Employing a psychology team to provide Pre-Court advice, Psychology Assessments and treatment pathways for people in Court with a link between their offences and low to medium level mental health difficulties.

Established a Recovery+ drug treatment group – A drug dependency is often developed over many years and the recovery journey can also be of significant length. This initiative is aimed at those who have stabilised through our Justice services and non-justice services but need further time engaged with support before being eligible for direct access community provision.

Extending and sustaining our Rapid Access Prescribing Service (RAPS) – This initiative is designed to identify, engage and provide rapid prescribing for people who are opiate dependent and who are considered the most vulnerable in our communities. This includes those who have suffered overdose and street-workers.

We provide a strong health-focused, trauma informed, accessible service that provides help to people looking to reduce risks to themselves and others and create a foundation of stability on which further change can be supported by other agencies.

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