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Everything we do at G4S Community centres around our core purpose of making communities safer for everyone! We work in consortium with partner organisations across several different services to achieve our mission, with a core focus on supporting people to end their cycle of offending or prevent it happening in the first place. 

We recognise that in order for people to take the first step towards making positive changes in their lives, they need meaningful support that’s tailored to them as individuals. All of our services work towards supporting people to find Stability, embrace Change and develop Resilience. 


Meaning ‘Future’ in Welsh, Dyfodol reaches people across South Wales and Gwent who’ve come into contact with the criminal justice system due to alcohol or substance misuse. 

We provide holistic interventions that help steer people away from offending or repeated cycles of offending. Our G4S Community colleagues work alongside our consortium partners to deliver a nurturing, wraparound service that aims to build safer, and much improved lives. 

Once we’ve identified a persons individual needs, we open up a range of options for them to engage with, from health and wellbeing targeted interventions to education, training and creative opportunities. 

Dyfodol is commissioned by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (South Wales) and is run as a consortium with partner organisations Kaleidoscope and Adferiad. Together we work to ensure individuals coming into the Dyfodol service receive the highest standard of care, giving them the best chance of moving away from the criminal justice system and onto a better life. 

Our Dyfodol Locations

Grove House, Grove Place,
Swansea, SA1 5DF 
01792 656 400

Neath Port Talbot

5-6 London Road, Neath,
SA11 1HD
01639 622360


41-43 Market Street, 
Bridgend, CF31 1LJ
01656 767283

Merthyr Tydfil 

2nd Floor, Oldway House, Castle St, Merthyr, Cf47 8UX
01685 723233


Probation Office, Former Post Office, Broadway, Pontypridd, CF37 1BA 
01443 494150

Ground Floor, Harlech Court, Bute Terrace, Cardiff, CF10 2FE
02920 641213

Barry Police Station, Gladstone Road, Cardiff, CF63 1TD
01446 729210

Gwent Drug & Alcohol Service

Running across the five boroughs of Gwent, GDAS provides vital support for people caught in a cycle of offending related to their alcohol and/or substance misuse.

Recommissioned by the Welsh Government in 2021, GDAS is a consortium run service between G4S Community, Barod and Kaleidoscope. Our G4S Community colleagues lead on the criminal justice side of the service, providing people with a range of positive interventions that help them step away from crime and into treatment that aims to help them reduce their substance dependency, and ultimately, reduce related criminal activities.    

Alongside our consortium partners, we recognise the impact of past trauma on a person’s life, and how those trauma’s may play an integral part in their offending behaviour, dependency on alcohol and/or substances and their thinking patterns. Our approach is human-centric, compassionate and nurturing, allowing us to deliver the best service to those who need it the most.

For further information,
Gwent Drug & Alcohol Service
or call 0333999 3577

GDAS Locations 
Blackwood, Caerphilly, Chepstow, Newport, Ebbw Vale, Pontypool and Tredegar 

Future 4

Future 4 works with young people (18-25) and women across South Wales and Gwent who’ve either already committed an offence or are at risk of offending. Our G4S Community colleagues who deliver the Future 4 service focus on early intervention and gender specific support. 

Young people and women being supported through Future 4 must accept some degree of responsibility for their actions and be receptive to support that could help change their future. 

Working with our consortium partners, Safer Wales, Llamau and Include, we aim to help with areas such as:

  • Health & wellbeing including confidence building and up-skilling 
  • Healthy relationships
  • Substance/alcohol misuse or concerns 
  • Lifestyle/habit planning 
  • Safeguarding/managing risks or harm
  • Support with accommodation, finances and employment

Those enrolled onto Future 4 could be there on a voluntary basis or they may have been referred via diversion by the police or probation service. 

The Women’s Whole System Approach which forms part of Future 4 focuses specifically on the needs of women and their children. 

We tailor support to women with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), with a view to counteracting the impact of their past trauma and prevent the likelihood of their children experiencing connected trauma. This support ranges from assisting women with personal reflection to helping them build coping mechanisms to help themselves manage in a crisis. 

Our Future 4 Locations

Our G4S colleagues are based within police custody suites in Bridgend, Swansea, Merthyr, Cardiff, Ystrad Mynach and Newport

Future 4 provides support for women from the point of arrest to the post release custodial period. Support for young people 18-25 is from arrest to up until attending court if applicable. 

Dyfed Drug & alcohol Service

Dyfed Drug & Alcohol Service (DDAS) supports people 18+ who’ve come into contact with the criminal justice system and have substance or alcohol misuse concerns. 

The service is run as a consortium between G4S Community, lead partner Barod and Kaleidoscope. Our G4S Community colleagues look after the criminal justice side of support, working with the probation teams across Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion. 

Our role within the sphere of DDAS is to support people by delivering substance misuse treatment interventions. These interventions include educating people of the impact of their substance or alcohol dependencies as well as helping them find ways to move forward with healthy, positive behaviours. 

Within the service, we also have a dedicated Prison Link Worker, who supports people with their transition from prison back into the community.  


To find out more about DDAS go to
www.barod.cymru or call xxx xxx xxx


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