Out of Court Advocates are specialists in the field of diversionary support for people who’ve come into contact with the criminal justice system. Underpinned by a broad understanding of the complexities commonly associated with people caught up in low level offending and repeated cycles of crime, Out of Court Advocates can help Police Officers support people to turn their lives around via a rehabilitative approach.

Utilising a wide network of resources and organisations, Out of Court Advocates work with Police to ensure people coming into contact with the Police are able to access the most appropriate form of support for them. Out of Court Disposals offer people the opportunity to make amends for their mistakes without suffering the consequences of a criminal conviction which can dramatically alter their future life prospects.

Working with us ensures the views of the offending person, victim and Police Officer are taken into consideration. Out of Court Advocates are able to assist officers in making an informed decision when choosing the most suited disposal pathway.

Benefits of Out of Court Disposals

  • Voice of the victim is heard and reparation delivered;
  • Tailored rehabilitation for offenders helping them turn their lives around;
  • Reduced offending, subsequently reducing demand on the front line and the criminal justice system.