Drug Education Course: Information for Police Officers

Helping people to fulfil their potential

The Drug Education course (DEC) is an online course designed for people who’ve committed low level offences or are involved with substance misuse. 

The course has been designed by specialists working with people misusing substances within the justice system. It provides detailed information into the impact and risks of drugs as well as helpful advice on staying safe and where to access further help.

Who is DEC for?

A referral onto the Drug Education Course can be an alternative to one of the Police’s traditional street based disposals (a caution, fixed penalty, written warning) or a Court hearing. It’s often an alternative to Cannabis and Khat Warnings. 

It can be issued as a part of a Community Resolution ar Conditional Caution. 

It is used in response to low level (gravity matrix 1-3) simple possession of any controlled substance.

Who is DEC NOT for?

The DEC is not suitable for people with serious drug problems (please refer to Dyfodol/GDAS/DDAS custody staff).

The DEC will not be available for people involved in serious drug offences or people likely to attract a Community Order or Custody at Court. (e.g. PWITS & SUPPLY/Cultivation).

How to refer someone to the Drug Education Course.

For Community Resolutions

The processes are simple and streamlined, designed to work well with Niche.
Use the new automated CR2 (Community Resolution document in Niche) CR2 (drugs only) – you will be guided through the process from beginning to end, whether you are on the street or in a custody suite. The victim can also contribute where appropriate.

For Conditional Cautions

The processes are simple and streamlined, designed to work well with Niche.
Use the MG14, clear condition setting – everyone is clear about what’s expected. You will task the SWITCH Admin team (South Wales Police) or Diversion Hub Team (Gwent Police) in the Motoring Unit using CR1/CR2 and MG14 to manage course referrals, conditions, compliance. This will reduce the burden on you.

Why refer someone to the Drug Education Course?

There are many benefits to referring someone to the Drug Education Course over issuing a traditional street based disposal. It may be a first offence for the person being referred, so they require some education around substance misuse and the dangers they could face if they continue to be involved with drugs. 

Once our team at G4S Community are aware of the individual being referred they can offer further support or signposting to help prevent them offending again or becoming further entangled with drugs. 

Alongside the wellbeing benefits associated with this course, referrals also…

  • * Support the NPCC national strategy
  • * Reduce the burden of admin work to the Police force
  • * Financially costs the NPCC nothing – the person you’ve referred covers the fee

What DEC aims to do.

  • * Increase participant’s knowledge and awareness.

  • * Clear up myths and misconceptions about drugs.

  • * Provide participants with information about the consequences of drug use.

  • * Share our knowledge with participants so they can keep themselves safe and make well informed decisions.

  • * Provide information on the support that’s available.

The course

How long does the course last?

2 hours, 30 minutes.

How many people will be on the course?

Up to 15 participants. 

When does the course run?

Will be available on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

How is the course delivered?

Online via video call.

How is the course accessed?

Via computer, smart phone or smart device.  

Where does the person need to be?

The course can be accessed from any quiet and confidential space. 

Who runs the course? 

Two experienced facilitators. 

Is the course interactive?

Yes, expect interactive questions, quizzes and videos. 

What else should I know?

There’s time for further questions and further help if needed.