Giving Up Will Never Be An Option – Dean’s Story

Giving Up Will Never Be an Option

When I was younger, I was obsessed with football. Most of my mates were hanging around in parks smoking and doing drugs but it didn’t interest me, I just wanted to play football. When things went downhill for me, everyone said they were surprised it was me. I wasn’t the one expected to go down […]

Defnyddio profiad cyn-droseddu i atal troseddu yn y dyfodol

Police office wearing reflective vest with bilingual sign

That man was Mick Bird, and this experience would be a first in his lifetime. Backtrack to the mid 1970’s, Mick was a young man already trapped in a web of crime and substance misuse. A vicious cycle; one act fuelling the other, sustaining a chaotic lifestyle that would span the next 30 years of […]

From Addiction to Abstinence – Stephen’s Story


“I Didn’t Realise At The Time That I Was Becoming Addicted To The Drugs; All I Knew Was The Drugs Were Blocking Out The Bad Feelings.” I was first referred to drug services at age 15 or 16. I’m 32 now and when I look back on what my life used to be like I […]

Ein hymateb i fesurau gwrthdaro newydd Llywodraeth y DU

Under the new plans the possession of NOS also known as laughing gas will be criminalised in a bid to ‘restore pride in our communities’. The plan that promises to stamp-out antisocial behaviour via a zero tolerance approach has been widely criticised by experts and third sector organisations across the country for its draconian and […]