Ein Stori

Pwy ydym ni.

We form a small but integral branch of the international security and facilities company G4S. Globally, G4S employ more than 800,000 staff, with around 120 of them being us – G4S Community. We’ve grown from humble beginnings but we’re now a leading provider of support and treatment services that help people across South Wales, Gwent and Dyfed with complex and unmet needs.

Working in partnership with the Police, Probation service, Prison service,  Health and a range of third sector providers, we help people in the community, in custody, in court and in prison. 

Our services meet people where they are in life, so whether they need help with their involvement in the Criminal Justice Service, with their alcohol consumption, substance misuse, mental health or a combination of these challenges, our colleagues deliver needs-led support that helps people first achieve Sefydlogrwydd, going on to make Changes and finally build Gwydnwch to move forward in life.

What we do.

We make communities safer by delivering meaningful services that help people build positive habits and develop coping mechanisms that guides them towards a safer future.

Our services focus on early support and interventions helping those who commit low level offences to avoid criminal conviction and move on with their lives in a positive way. 

We provide support for those who go through Court and receive community sentences, working alongside probation teams, often co-located. We provide educational workshops, diversionary activities and alcohol and substance misuse treatment programmes to help people move on from cycles of crime.

We also work in prisons and with those released to ensure that treatment is provided and continued through the gate. For people using opiates, we provide clinical and psychosocial support.

Everything we do contributes to the safety of communities in Wales. By helping to keep the people accessing our services safe from their lifestyles and behaviours, we’re also helping to keep the people around them safe – be it their family, friends, emergency service workers they come into contact with or other members of the public.  

Why we do what we do.

We recognise that everyone is unique and the pathways we each have ahead of us are not always the right ones to travel. Sadly, the people we’re here to support often lead chaotic and complex lives caused by traumatic past experiences that have taken them down difficult and often dangerous paths. 

We believe that every person deserves to feel safe within their community. That’s why we help people to move away from behaviours that have pushed them into a cycle of offending. There is always a reason that underpins why a person has crossed into our path, which is often painful, complex and hard to come to terms with; but we also know there’s always a future. 

We do what we do because we know the people we work with are capable of moving on from their experiences and contributing positively and safely to their community. 

Our Impact

Jim's Story

Jim came to us for treatment from prison in 2017. He’d served several sentences for driving offences and domestic violence, which had been underpinned by his substance use.

Jim expressed an interest in volunteering with our GDAS service after his release. He was building a family, had a supportive partner (with no further evidence of domestic violence or safeguarding concerns), and so felt really to set a positive example and start setting goals.

Whilst in prison, Jim underwent several training courses, which helped him recognise the opportunity to access the Peer Academy and volunteer, with the goal of securing paid employment.

Jim completed Peer Academy in November 2022 and expressed a desire to work with Criminal Justice clients, particularly younger people as he felt his own experiences could help deter them from

continuing a pattern of substance use and offending. Jim brings with him a wealth of personal experience and knowledge. He’s approachable, honest, passionate and insightful, and has a desire to improve service delivery for others.