We Believe There is Always a Reason, We Know There is Always a Future

We work with people across South Wales and Gwent who are involved/or at risk of becoming involved with the criminal justice system. Our mission is to build safer communities for everyone by diverting people away from crime and offending behaviours.



Our first priority when we begin supporting a person is to identify and address any risk factors affecting an individual’s life and their ability to keep themselves safe. Addressing primary risk factors such as housing, pain management or simply the lack of appropriate clothing allows us to move towards building foundations upon which change work can take place.


Focusing on a person’s lifestyle, routines, social circles and future aspirations we’re able to begin addressing how stability can be maintained and how lapses or relapses can be prevented. Through psychologically informed programmes and experiences we aim to improve quality of life and to create meaningful, long-term change.


During this stage we focus on supporting people to build strategies that help them hon in on their capabilities, develop new motivations and hopes for the future and grow life connections that centres around contribution, safety and healthy habits. Our emphasis on wellbeing aims to help people view themselves through new eyes, with strong resolve for the future.

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